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When I was in high school I had this boyfriend. He would call me every day at roughly the same time. It’s hard for me to remember, because that was 20 years ago (HOLY SHIT) but I think he had a job and would call me when he got home. Again, because it was 20 years ago, those were pre-cellphone days. Meaning I couldn’t just take my phone with me everywhere and wait for his call, I had to sit at home right next to the phone and waaaaaait for him to caaaaaaall. Yes. I was that girl. The slightly chubby one with self-esteem issues whose entire day, nay, life depended on whether or not he called. How I would like to go back in time and slap that girl but anyway, one day he didn’t call. I waited and waited and waaaaaited and WAITED and he didn’t call.  I tortured myself with thoughts of why. Sat by the phone until 10 o’clock at night. My dad assured me that something had happened and that he would eventually call. Or that DUH when I saw him at school the next day he could explain himself. But I knew the truth. And sure enough, that weekend he broke up with me, thus busting my heart into one million teeny, tiny pieces.

But that is not the point of my tale of woe. Let’s focus on the waiting by the phone. And how much it sucks. Especially when you are The World’s Most Impatient Person. Yes. I am. I’ve checked. I hate waiting. So very much. It drives me insane. Especially now that we DO have cellphones and thus I can carry it around wherever I go. Bathroom. Laundry room. Back pocket whilst bouncing/patting my kid to sleep. Back to the bathroom with it at top volume so I can hurry and take a shower.

We still haven’t heard back from the school about Louisa. Is she in or do we make other plans? I have no idea. The folks told me I would hear back Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. At the latest. It’s now Monday. Do I… callll? Give ’em a few more days (by which I mean waaaaaait by the phone some more…)? The preschool director has thus far not been the most organized person in the universe. I had to leave two messages before she called me back to schedule the evaluation. Then she forgot to send the mountain of paperwork that I was supposed to have completed and sent back before the evaluation so I had to call about that. And then she wasn’t even there for the evaluation because her kid was sick and she had to go home early. So logically I can assume that maybe she also missed Thursday and/or Friday and they have yet to have their little meeting and decide my daughter’s fate let alone call me back about it.  But logic doesn’t soothe The World’s Most Impatient Person.

I hate waiting.