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In an attempt to earn a bunch of money to do some things (okay, one thing really (three weeks to announcement time!)) that we, me and my little family, are planning to do in the next six weeks (huzzah!) I have been working as many extra hours as possible. Wait, let me rephrase that. I, as a medical transcriptionist, don’t get paid by the hour, I get paid by the line. A line is defined differently depending upon who you work for but translates roughly to 65 characters of typing. So while I have been working extra hours what I’ve really been doing is typing extra lines. Whenever they are available and my boss gives the go ahead to do more than I’ve rostered myself for, I’m on the computer typing. In between toddler antics and baby breastfeeding I’m typing. Both kids asleep for a 15-minute stretch? Typing. Shift over at 9 but lots of extra work available? Typing until 10. Type. Type. TYPE.

My job is not physical. It involves me sitting on my butt, typing. Typing. Typingtypingtyping. I type fast – 100 words per minute last time I tested – and I type… hard, I guess, is the word to describe it. I don’t mean to and I still don’t think it’s true but my husband is always like “why does it make so much noise when you type?” – I blamed my keyboard but then I got a new one and… well whatever. I get paid to type, don’t criticize how I do it. That loud typing puts food on your table! Or something.

Anyway, my point in all of this is that I understand that my job isn’t backbreaking like bricklaying or pipefitting (is pipefitting even physical? what the hell is pipefitting?), trash collecting or construction work. But apparently I need to get in on the whole ergonomics thing because y’all, the knots in my shoulders? Should have names they are so large. They are huge! And painful! Also, my wrists! Are killing me! They’re curling up into claws! Seriously. I look like quasimodo. Only fatter.  And yet, here I am! TYPING! For your reading pleasure!  You’re welcome, all seven of you. Two of whom are family members (hi Mom and Davey!). Only not really, because this post isn’t a post but just me complaining about typing.

photo poached from CinemaBlend.com

photo poached from CinemaBlend.com