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Well, here it is, the big reveal!  *drum roll please*

I’m pregnant! Which means I’m starving, nauseated and vomiting, and wondering what the hell I was thinking. How is that normal? I got pregnant on purpose and still I’m terrified and crazed. Last time the pregnancy was slightly unplanned (we wanted a kid but the timing was… not great…) so I figured that was the reason behind the panic attacks but apparently, it’s just a pregnancy symptom.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still excited. Well, I will be once the nausea passes. Seriously. What the hell? Nausea sucks. I’d rather cut off a finger. No really, I would. Chop it off, excruciating pain for a bit, and then it would go away! This crap never goes away! I’m nauseated all effing day long! I was wracking my brain trying to remember if it was this bad with Lou and then I realized two things about my first pregnancy: 1 – I had no job. 2 – I had no toddler. So yeah, I laid on the couch all day watching whatever DVDs were available at the library that week and barfing. (In the toilet, not on the couch. Let it be known I never vomited on the couch. Although I did vomit out the car door in the gutter on the side of the road. Sorry, woman-who-walked-by-while-it-was-happening, I was pregnant, not drunk!). This time around I’m barfing while the kid sits behind me licking my discarded glasses and/or pulling my shirt up and/or pants down. Awesome.

So yeah. Yay, pregnancy! Let’s go, procreation! Three cheers for offspring!

But seriously. I had my first midwife (yep, again with the midwife! I am, after all, a former dirty-Oregon-hippie) appointment this week. **NOTE: Please stop reading if you hate hearing about lady parts, lady problems or just lady things in general – you have been warned**  My uterus feels fine (I warned you!) but because I only had three periods (seriously, I used asterisks and allcaps!) before getting knocked up, and they weren’t exactly regular (evenly spaced) she wants me to have an ultrasound before confirming the due date. So it might not actually be Star Wars day. Which would be a total rip off but what can I do?

Also, we’re in the processing of trying to figure out if we can buy a house. That was the other thing that I was on my mind that I was whining about in my last post, that’s the only reason I’m bringing it up. It would be nice to get out of this apartment but we aren’t sure if for the amount of money we’d qualify for we can get a house that isn’t being trolled by hookers and/or used as a meth house and/or home to unspeakable vermin.

I’ll keep you updated on both fronts. Gotta go vomit!