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I’m not sure what I really want to say here, or where this post is going, but I feel like I haven’t been here for a while and that maybe it was time to stop on by.

Me and my little family just got back from a 9-day excursion in my homeland – the beautiful state of Utah. We stayed with my dad in St George, we stopped to see my grandma in Ferron (aka The Middle of Nowhere), and then spent the majority of our time in Salt Lake City with my mom, stepdad and brother. I miss Utah. I love Utah. Especially Salt Lake. You’d think that I would maybe miss the area where I grew up and spent my childhood (Orem – close to Provo, home of BYU, for those of you that give a rat’s ass) but because of my parents’ divorce and the fallout there are some poopy feelings about it (although we did take a small detour there and for the first time in a long time it didn’t give me a stomach ache (and the house I lived in as a child is for sale, for those of you that give a rat’s ass (pretty much nobody))). But Salt Lake will always be home to me. I guess it’s because I went to high school there, came of age there, had my first true love there, learned to drive and got my first car there, had my first crappy job and my first real job there… it’s just… a part of me. And I loved being there, showing things to my husband, taking my daughter to the zoo that I went to as a kid, seeing the mountains I grew up gazing at out the kitchen window… breathing in the Utah air…

And now… we’re back here, “home”, where we live. And it’s just so… Vegasy. And I think I might hate it. Sigh.