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Do you ever have days, or even just moments, where you suddenly feel like you love your life? Most people probably have them more often than me but for the last few days I’ve just been feeling lucky that I have an awesome husband, a cute, smart, funny kid, a loving and supportive family and I really like my job. And, AND – get this: I’m not even medicated right now, you guys. Not. One. Bit. I was, for a few months, but now that I’m back on the baby-makin’ train I’m off the happy pills so yeah. The hell?

Anyway – I won’t keep you. I just know that I am usually a whiny, complainy, woe-is-me, but-look-how-depressssssed-I-am lady so I thought I would take a moment when I’m feeling the opposite of that to stop by and say hey. HEY. TODAY? I LOVE ALL THE THINGS!