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So my baby is a year old. An entire year. Wow, you guys. Just, wow. It went by so fast I’m not sure I actually believe it. Like it’s all a dream and tomorrow I’ll wake up to a newborn and freak the eff out (ironic considering I’m currently trying to implant another one in my uterus) but nope. It happened. And that time is gone forever. I’m trying not to freak out about it and instead to enjoy how Louisa is now because aside from some tantrums when I try to put her in her highchair (tantrums which are new and, I am afraid, will only get worse (if she is anything like me (and so far she is exactly like me))) and the still-not-great (read as awwwwful) sleeping habits she is so adorable and fun.

Her birthday party was fantastic.   It was cherry-themed and filled with pinkness and fun and I loved it.  I went completely overboard with food (cherry cupcakes, cherry lemonade, cherry coke, pink cookies, candy-dipped marshmallows, tea sandwiches, scones, pink popcorn) and decorations (pink and white balloons, streamers, ribbons, two birthday banners – I even wore a cherry apron and little Lou wore a cherry tank top to which my Mom had appliqued a cute number 1 (did I mention I went overboard?)) and she had a great time being the center of attention. She got tons of presents – mostly books and clothes which made me happy because she is still meh about toys and we love that somehow we never have to buy clothes because just as she is growing out of them we receive magical new ones in the next size up. God bless grandparents, aunts and uncles.


Happy birthday my sweetness!