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Well, it wasn’t Mama, but at least it wasn’t Dada either. My baby’s first word? Kitty. Those assholes. She chases them around the house (they run because they hate her (and rightfully so – she either pulls the shit out of their fur or plops right on top of them)) and has probably heard me say “kitty” about a thousand times (is that a kitty? that’s a kitty! go get the kitty! be nice to the kitty. don’t pull the kitty’s fur. KITTY don’t scratch the baby!) so I guess it’s not too much of a shock but PFFFFFTTTTTTT. Jason swears that she said “hi” the other day too but until I hear it I ain’t buying it.

In other news, she took her first real steps the other day.  She’s been standing for months, cruising for a few weeks, and pushing behind her walker for about a week now but these were bona fide, all-by-herself steps. Sure, it was only a few but it signals that walking is imminent.

As is her first birthday (HOLY. SHITBALLS.)! Three weeks from tomorrow and she has been on this planet for an entire year. Which means:

1. I have kept another human alive for an entire year.

2. I can pack up the breast pump and the nursing bra because it is time to wean, bitchez.

3. I haven’t slept for an entire year. !

4. We havin’ a party! I’ll write about that later. With pictures.  Which brings me too..

The point of this blog was mostly just to do a post with some pictures in it because I haven’t for a while. I’ve been putting ’em up like crazy on the facebook but most of y’all (except for my family (hi family!)) are not my facebook “friends” so you won’t have seen the preciousssssss for a while. So yeah, my baby is growing up. And here’s proof:


That’s yogurt. There are at least 30 pictures of me at the same age doing the same thing only with lotion (or vaseline, or mud…)


My mom got her this paddling pool for her upcoming birthday and she loooooved it.


That’s her eating a s’more. Yes. A s’more. Babies get to do whatever they want with the grandparents.

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