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Remember this? Ha hahahaha.  I laugh at myself and my worries that my baby wasn’t eating anything because y’all, she is now an eating machine – a crazed piranha who swallows, ravenously, anything we put into her mouth including baby cereal and vegetables which she would previously spit out in spectacular fashion by blowing a giant raspberry as if to say “ha! I laugh at you as I spray food all over your glasses, idiot parental unit!”.  She even snarfs PRUNES which is fantastic because it’s helping to clear up the constipation situation.

It all started last Thursday. My stepdad, Paul, was in town just for the night (using our place as a pitstop on the way to Cali to visit my stepbrother). I was working, as I do every evening, and so had to bolt my food down and leave the baby feeding to the husband and stepdad. I could hear them laughing and chatting about how much she was eating and was all like “what the?”. So I went out to see what was happening and Jason was like “did you starve her all day or something?” because apparently she had scarfed an entire jar of baby food. **side note** all throughout my pregnancy and the first 6 months of Lou’s life I had planned to make baby food. And then I did. And then she wouldn’t eat. And hated food, every food, ALL THE FOOD. So I gave up and just bought commercial jars of baby food hoping that would entice her into eating. Which it really didn’t. Until now.  **end of side note**

The next day she scarfed more baby food, lots of baby food, all the baby food! And chopped-up chunks of peaches. And baby cereal. Can I get a what WHAT?! I was so excited. For the few weeks since that last post she has been eating stuff, just not with relish and only teensy bits at a time and now she reminds me of the hungry hungry hippos. We sit down at meal time and her mouth just keeps opening opening opening whenever you get near it (which means beware of your fingers at all times) and even sometimes when you’ve stopped to try to reload the spoon. She eats with gusto! And she smacks her lips. Hilarious.

I’m assuming she is going through some sort of growth spurt, possibly brought on by the enormous amount of exercise she is getting during the day what with crawling the entire length of the apartment roughly 672 times a day. Except for sleeping (and even sometimes whilst sleeping!) she is crawlingcrawlingcrawling, climbing on me to stand up, crawlingcrawlingcrawling, practicing walking while holding Daddy’s hands etc etc etc.    So she must be burning all the calories and needing to replenish.

Which means the boobays are getting a helluva workout as well. Which is okay because it’s mostly in the form of pumping. I have decided to start the weaning process now in the hopes that by the time she is a year old (in a mere two months. what? who authorized that?) I can be done. I love the fact that I have breastfed her and nourished her and given her that healthy start in life, but I am so done. I want my body back. Not that I need to justify myself to you but after searching the interwebs for helpful suggestions on how to start the weaning process and finding mostly information about why you should breastfeed for a year and beyond and only stop when the baby is ready I am feeling the old Mom Guilt again. But whatever. Listen, judgy moms, you’re not helping anyone, so stuff it. ANYWAY – I have been pumping and feeding her from bottles during the day, only using the actual melons for putting her to sleep at nap times. At night she still gets it pretty much whenever she wakes up because I’m not ready to fight that battle just yet. And I know it’s going to be a battle.

Hopefully I’ll win.

photo poached from jessegersten.com

photo poached from jessegersten.com