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Did your parents every curse you with having a child just like yourself? Well, mine did. I wasn’t a terrible brat or anything, just a mischievous, crazy, always-running free spirit who didn’t really sleep very much. Well, guess what? My daughter is mini me in many ways.  Especially in the sleep department. She has never been much of a sleeper. She went through a short stint of fairly good sleeping at around 8 to 12 weeks old but since then it has always been a bit of a challenge. Which is why we started co-sleeping back in December and it seemed to solve the problem. She still had occasional bad nights but for the most part she slept pretty well being snuggled between us. She still woke up for night feedings but the long stretches between were good enough for me.

And then, as I mentioned in my previous post, last Thursday she was up for hours in the middle of the night. And it happened again on Saturday. And Sunday. She goes to sleep at her normal time, 7:45ish pm and then 45 minutes to an hour later she pops up, sits up, and starts playing/babbling/sitting up/crawling. It’s almost like she can’t sleep because she’s too busy trying out her sweet new skills. Last night was a little better – she wasn’t up for quite as long, but still. I watched her pop out of a seemingly deep sleep into complete wide awakeness (pretty sure that’s not a word, but oh well). For crying out loud. Especially frustrating and horrifying is that she eventually gets so tired that she cries and cries and CRIES no matter what I do to console her because she is so tired that she is overwired. This goes on until she is so exhausted she finally drops off.

So yesterday I did some research (by which I mean I googled some combination of 9-month-old baby not sleeping) and discovered this thing called a sleep regression. I’m not sure there’s any actual truth to it but I think you should believe everything you read on the internet so there. Plus which, it made me feel like there is some hope and that it will pass. My husband has been floating the “cry it out” idea but I actually like sleeping with her and still loathe the idea of putting her in a crib, alone, in a room, alone and just letting her scream herself into exhaustion.

And now for something completely different (which I will try to make relevant so shut up): She is also constipated. Pretty much all the time. As soon as we introduced solid food she stopped having regular bowel movements unless we (at the suggestion of our pediatrician) feed her prunes and apple juice. Which I have to force feed her with a medicine dropper because she doesn’t like it. So here’s what I’m thinking. She is just as stubborn as both of her parents, so much so that she can will herself to stay awake and keep herself from ever pooping again because it hurt that one time. Pretty sound theory, yes?

In the meantime, my sleep-deprived husband has taken to sleeping on the blow-up bed in the spare room while I wrestle the manic toddler in our room. Ah, love. So romantic.