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My 8 -&-1/2-month-old daughter’s favorite play things, in no particular order:

The booger sucker. I used it to distract her whilst diapering, and now she hunts it down. Which has been made lots easier by the fact that she is now crawling. Heaven help me. (PS – why on earth would you buy these things? The hospital loads you up when you have the baby, right? We got at least two. Just sayin’)

The Desitin!! (warning: there’s some potentially naughty words in that video.) Again, discovered by accident whilst diapering.

My husband’s glasses. She pulls them right off his face and shoves them in her mouth.

A straw. Discovered (again, by accident) last weekend at IHOP. She’s a good grabber I tell ya. And she only has one hand for cripes!

My cell phone. Despite the fact that she has her own. In fact, she has two. But somehow mine tastes better.

My thigh. She uses it to blow raspberries and make various farting noises. She is definitely related to my father and his brothers. For the love.

The cats’ tails. I can’t tell you how pleased they are now that the screaming thing we brought home can move and grab them.

So for her birthday I think we’ll just wrap all of these items (excluding my thigh, of course) and hand them over, whaddaya think?