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This nice lady, Valerie gave me an award, and I’m supposed to pass the love on.  But first I get to tell you what I love about motherhood.  I think I’m supposed to distill it down to three things, which is very difficult because I love being a Mama, I love a new thing about it every day, and this thing we call motherhood changes regularly. But anyway – I’ll give it a try.

I think my very favorite thing about being a mom is watching Louisa grow and change so quickly. She started out as a helpless, tiny bundle and now she’s this chunky, bright-eyed being filled with personality and smiles.

I also dig watching the wonder in her eyes as she discovers new things. Somebody once told me that being a parent is awesome because you get to relive your childhood, especially because you don’t get to remember your own, and I think that’s very true. I look at her and think “wow, I was like that once”.

And I truly love the fact that being a parent has changed me (and my husband, for that matter) for the better.  Less selfish, more caring and patient – you know what I mean. 🙂

And now to nominate a few of my favorite Mama blogs. I think I’m going to nominate Ms Valerie and her blog, atlantamomofthree right back, because she deserves it and since she invented the award, nobody else will probably give it to her.  Also, one of my good friends who has a wicked cute little boy, Kim and my favorite blogger that I’ve “met” since starting mine, Broken Condoms – she’s got a wicked sense of humor, a darling little girl, and a baby boy on the way.

Thanks again, Valerie!