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So I’m a little late with the “ohmuhgawd mah baby is six months old!” post, but here goes.  HOLY CRAP does time fly. Six frickin’ months? For real?  She has gone from this:


The sweetest baby in the whole wide world.

To this:


That’s her sitting up, eating solid food, smiling. She can roll all over the place, she is almost sitting up on her own, and the noises she makes are starting to sound suspiciously like English. It really is amazing how fast they grow up. Next week she’ll be asking for the car keys.

She has her first cold this week. It’s heartbreaking, but oh so cute at the same time to listen to her snotty little voice.  She also had her first taste of banana (see photo above).  I was so excited to bust out the immersion blender. She didn’t know quite what to make of it and I’m not sure she actually swallowed any but we’ll keep pureeing stuff up and see what she takes to.  I didn’t know this until we went to the pediatrician yesterday, but she can eat all sorts of stuff – even meat – as long as it’s pureed. Wow. Pureed chicken… mmmmm….  But seriously. How cute is that? Wee baby eating pureed chicken.

She is getting very fun and is in a very cute phase.  Obviously I’ve always been in love with her but now she’s old enough to like me back, you know?  Sometimes when somebody else is holding her she’ll look over at me and reach out her hand like she’s saying “Mama! there you are.”  Some of her other tricks include blowing raspberries, making spit bubbles, grabbing glasses off of people’s faces and stuffing them in her mouth and shooting poop out the back of her diaper. Okay, that last one isn’t so much fun. But mostly it’s a joy to be her mama. So much so that I’ve already started thinking about the next kid. Yes. Me, who, 4 months ago (on the 60th sleepless night in a row) looked at my husband and swore “I NEVER WANT ANOTHER KID EVER EVER EVER” is now dropping hints and wondering how soon is too soon…   stay tuned…

In the meantime I leave you with 6 months of cuteness: