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Oh my gawsh, you guys. I can’t believe I haven’t written since Thanksgiving! Shame on me! As I was writing that post I was thinking ‘geez, I can’t believe it’s the holiday season already’ and now it’s frickin’ OVER. The new year is here! My baby is 5 & 1/2 months old! CRAZY! Anyway – sorry about the dry spell. In my defense, I have been a little busy. I started working more hours at work, and though it is only 4 hours a week, something had to give and apparently it was my blog. But not anymore. Which brings me to my new year’s resolutions. I’m not usually a fan of them because you make a big ol’ list with the best of intentions and then by January 10th you’re like “whateverrrrr”, but I have some things I need to change about myself and my life and perhaps putting them out there in the blogosphere (resolution 1, never EVER use the word blogosphere again) will be motivating.  So here they are, in no particular order (because all are equally important).

1. Take better care of myself.  Most people resolve to lose weight. I plan on doing that. But I thought I would make it a broader thing so it might be easier to stick to. Because I don’t just need to lose weight I need to be healthier, I need to exercise, I need to drink lots of water, I need to take vitamins… basically I would like to make my lifestyle something that will allow me to live healthily to a ripe old age of 100 so that I can be around for my daughter. I am 35 years old. When she is my age, I will be 70. That’s what happens when you have kids this late in life instead of in your 20s. I want to see her graduate from high school, get married, have kids of her own. I don’t want to die (or be old and sick) when she’s still young.

2. Make time for myself. You know how new moms always talk about how they barely have time to shower and they never wear makeup or fix their hair? Yeah. That. That needs to change. It sounds silly to say that I would like to buy expensive moisturizers for my face and get a nice haircut, but I’m going to do it because I feel like a frumpy, post-baby, old lady right now. I would like to wear makeup and change out of my sweat pants everyday so that I still feel like a woman, not just a mom. It’s tough, but I’m going to do it.

3. Blog more. I just got a notification from wordpress that I started this blog 2 years ago. Holy crap! I started this blog to document my life because I used to do it in paper journals but I can’t be bothered anymore. I can type faster than I can think and writing with a pen and paper just slows me down and hurts my hand (OLD LADY).  But if I don’t do the blogging I’m still not documenting anything. So at least once a week I need to sit down here and tell you all that my daughter can roll over now (so cute!) and that her teeth are really close to making an appearance (the screaming!) and that we took her on her first overnight trip to my dad’s house for New Year’s (and aside from an hour-long crying jag it was fun!) or that I’ve lost 20 pounds (let’s hope that’s an actual future post) and that my depression is lifting (ditto) – whatever it is, I need to write it.

3. Take more photos. I used to snap like 15 photos of my daughter a day. And then I broke my iphone. And so the pictures stopped. Apparently I can’t be bothered to pick up an actual camera? What kind of excuse is that? She is so cute and is growing so fast that she changes almost daily and if I don’t document it I won’t remember it. And neither will anybody else. Especially her grandparents who only get to see her about once a month (note to everybody who is reading this: don’t move far away from your family – it sucks. Even if you think you hate them and you’ll be better off far away? Eventually you will want them close so yeah. Before you have kids of your own? Live near your parents).

So there it is. My new year’s resolutions. The things I must and will accomplish this year. Out there for the world to see on the blogosphere interwebs. I’ll keep you updated.

And I promise you another post later with cute pictures of my daughter. And Christmas. And such and such. Happy new year, y’all!