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You guys! I put my baby in the stroller and walked to the library!  Who cares, right? Well listen, I’ve been pretty much a shut-in for nearly 4 months. Except for necessary trips to the pediatrician I never take her anywhere because it is such a giant pain in the ass, and she screams whenever she is put in the car seat.  Plus, I don’t have a car, so where would I go? Especially in that hideous neighborhood we used to live in. But today I suddenly had wicked cabin fever and decided that since we no longer live amongst the hookers and the crack dealers, and since the library is within walking distance  I was stuffing her in the stroller and going for it. And it was fine! She only screamed when I put her in the stroller. Once we got going she was fine. She didn’t even flip out in the library. And, as a bonus, she fell asleep on the way home and is still out 30 minutes later. God bless napping babies. And can I just say, winter in Vegas? So delightful.