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Louisa, who is now 7 weeks old, has been cultivating better sleep habits for almost 2 weeks now. She will settle down at anywhere from 8 to 11, sleep for 3 & 1/2 to 4 hours, eat again, and then sleep for another few hours. Which now that I’m typing it doesn’t sound at all like she has any type of schedule, but really, sleeping for 4 (and once even F I V E) whole hours in a row is so wonderful that I consider it a triumph. And then there are the bad nights (usually the night before I have to take her to some appointment or other necessitating my taking Jason to work at 7 in the morning because of the whole 1-car-family thing), the nights where she just won’t go to sleep, the nights where she fights the sleep even though her eyelids are so very droopy, the nights where every time she finally drifts off and I’ve carefully placed her in the bassinet her eyes POP OPEN and she starts partying like it’s 1999. Last night was one of those nights. Her schedule has admittedly been fucked up (pardon my french) since last week because we’ve had visitor after visitor (the problem with having the cutest baby in the whole world is that everyone wants to visit/see/hold/touch/kiss/tickle her) so I’m lucky actually that it was the first night where she was confused about what time it was and subsequently wanted to kick her chubby little legs and suck on her pacifier like it’s going out of style (seriously, you should see the kid suck on that thing, it’s like she’s got a super thick chocolate shake that just WON’T COME THROUGH THE DAMN STRAW and she’s trying desperately to get at it). The thing is, she is so cute right now it’s hard to be mad at her. Not that I get mad at her per se, but you know what I mean. The nights where I’m dead tired and really looking forward to the 3 & 1/2 to 4 hours of sleep that I’m now getting are the ones where she’s all like “hey, let’s NOT sleep, mmmkay?” and I’m sitting in the living room sobbing while I hold her and beg her to sleep and then I look down at her little face and she’s smiling (oh the smiiiiiiiling and cooing that is happening right now, such cuteness!!) and looking at me like I’m the funnest thing ever and I think to myself “who the hell cares if I sleep? Look at this baby’s little face”!

Anyway, the point is, last night she stayed up until 1 am, and now she is slumbering peacefully as I sit here typing this. Why, you may be asking, am I awake? Well because my father is on his way here. My sister got here last week, then went to stay with him for a few days, and is now on her way back. They threatened to be here by 8:30 so even though little Louisa is completely zonked out I am here updating you people. Appreciate it, would you?

Since the last time I wrote I’ve had to take her to 2 appointments in the same week. And boy did THAT suck. One was a follow up with the cardiologist (one of the tiny heart holes she was born with is all closed up, the other is almost there – thank god) and the other was my 6-week postpartum follow up visit (everything is all healed up etc). She screamed during both. Especially her cardiology visit. Oh boy did she scream and cry and break my heart. During my visit my midwife was like “no problem, we’ll just get the nurses to babysit for a minute”. When I was done and went to collect my baby, panicking about how she was torturing the nurses? She was all smiles and coos. Apparently she only screams for me. Which means that she has the momnipulation thing down already and I’ll never be able to take her to the grocery store unless I want to buy toys and/or candy to settle her down. In other words, she’ll be just like me throwing tantrums in the corner until my mom finally picked me up and left the full grocery cart there. Luckily she is super cute, and the Mama love is pretty strong. Otherwise I’d hand her off to the gypsies and get a full night’s sleep.