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So I took Louisa back to the pediatrician on Friday and, good news, she had gained enough weight to satisfy the doctor and her bilirubin level was on its way down, so I don’t have to keep going back. Which is good because taking an infant anywhere is stressful. To me it is, anyway. Cramming her into the car seat, not being able to see her the entire trip, wrangling her into the office – it pretty much sucks. I have to take her back for her 1 month visit, but at least it’s not twice a week every week anymore. And hooray, my baby is mostly healthy! I say mostly because I still have to follow up with the cardiologist and an orthopedist. Sigh. Being a mom is hard on your soul – I would so much rather have these things be wrong with me than with her, my little sweet pea. Anyway – she’s fine for now, we had a good weekend with my mom and brother (even though my husband’s car was stolen (don’t worry, the cops found it in 24 hours with very little damage), and this weekend Jason’s dad is on his way to meet her. She still rarely sleeps (meaning that I don’t sleep either), but I’m still holding out hope that at 6 weeks she will magically change her ways – everybody seems to point to that milestone date as the magical my-baby-started-sleeping moment.