Oh y’all. We are still in the hospital because the little one was technically premature and they were worried about her bilirubin level. Turns out they were right to be worried because it is elevated. So now she has to stay another effing night, but my insurance won’t pay for me to stay, so we have to leave our little baby here tonight and go home without her. I’m hoping it’s only one extra day because when the doctor said “worst case scenario it will be Tuesday at the latest” I smiled politely, then after she left I went into the bathroom and had a breakdown. In the meantime, baby’s name is Louisa Denise Carter (in case I didn’t mention it before) and here’s another picture to tide you over until I can get her full story down. I’m way too tired and emotional right now to try to comprehend everything that has happened in the last 2 and a half days.

My sweet Louisa.