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I’m still pregnant! Hooray! As miserable as I am, it really is good news after all of the hullaballoo from last week. Ideally we do want baby L to stay in for as long as possible. I had an appointment with my midwife this morning and everything is lovely. My cervix is still closed, but it is beginning to thin and soften. Which technically means labor is on its way, but it still could be a few weeks. She joked that it would be super funny if I ended up being one of those unfortunate ladies who is pregnant 2 weeks after her due date. I laughed politely, but if that happens? I’m kicking her ass. I also had another BPP this afternoon and things are still looking good. In fact, by sheer force of will (and SHITLOADZZZZ of water) I managed to increase my amniotic fluid from 8.5 to 9.3 in 2 days.  So no hospitals/inductions/c-sections for me. If my fluid still looks good on Friday I think I might be a naughty girl and go see a movie on Saturday. My husband (well, and me too) is desperate to see The Dark Knight Rises before the baby comes and I figure if I can break the house arrest bed rest long enough for numerous doctor visits I can do it for a blockbuster movie, right? Right? C’mon people. Help me out here.