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Yes folks, I made it to 36 weeks. Thank goodness. It was an odd waiting game there for a couple of days, but luckily I am now home from the hospital and baby L is still inside where she belongs. I don’t know how well I explained this the other day when I told you that I went to the hospital, so I’ll just start at the beginning. When I went in on Monday for my BPP, my fluid level was around 6 cm. This site explains in more detail, but in summary, if the fluid drops below 5 they freak out and induce labor, so 6 is not an ideal number. The doctor sent me home with strict orders to be on bed rest and to drink a gallon or more of water a day. When they rechecked me on Wednesday my fluid level was still around 6, so they sent me to the hospital for the oh-so-fun IV fluids/constant baby monitoring. Luckily, the baby monitoring showed that the baby looked perfect. She was doing her practice breathing, wiggling around the right amount, and her heart beat was fantastic, so they eventually took me off of the constant monitor and only did 1 hour out of every 6. Which was good, because being hooked up to an IV pole is bad enough without the added benefit of being wrapped in baby monitors. Especially when they’re pumping you full of fluids and you have to pee every 30 minutes.

So I sat in a hospital bed attached to an IV from Wednesday 4pm until Friday around 6pm. That was when the doctor from my perinatology group finally got to the hospital to perform the ultrasound to see where the fluid level was. Low and behold, it had gone up to 7! Hip hip hooray! Because the IV was obviously helping the doc decided to keep me on for one more night to see if we could get it a little higher. He promised to be back in the morning and if it still looked that good he would send me home. Saturday around noon he finally made it back, scanned me, and it had risen to an 8. So, praise the lawd, I was discharged. I’m still on bed rest and am supposed to drink over a gallon of water a day, but at least I’m not stuck in a crappy hospital bed and dragging an IV pole to the bathroom every 30 minutes. If my fluid level had dropped any further they would have made me have the baby, and if it had stayed at a 6 they probably would have kept me in the hospital, so I’m lucky and verysuperextra glad that it went up. I have another appointment to be scanned tomorrow; please cross your fingers that my level doesn’t drop back down or I’m pretty sure they’ll send me back to the hospital, and I don’t want that.

So after all of that drama, I’m not sure these updates are useful. At this point my baby could be born at any time. I’m due in 4 weeks, but 37 weeks is considered full term and I still suspect they might induce me early if my fluid levels continue to be less than ideal. But, at least if they wait until next week she won’t be premature. Truthfully I wouldn’t mind if she came a little bit early because I am so uncomfortable. When they did the ultrasound they announced that baby is head down (which is good) and that her head is very low in my pelvis, like, as far down as it can be without me being in labor. This explains the extreme pelvic pain I’ve been experiencing – there’s a baby head balancing on the bones which are not as sturdy as they once were because of magical Relaxin. I’m hoping this means that when I do go into labor (or get forced into labor) it will be shorter and easier because she’s already down there, but that is probably wishful thinking. Also adding to my discomfort is the fact that Miss Thing has taken to shoving her leg (I assume it’s a leg) right up under my ribs. The lumpy, misshapen abdomen is funny to look at, but leg in rib is kind of painful. She also gets the hiccups quite frequently now (which the ultrasound folks told me was a good thing because it means that she is practice breathing – who knew?), and I can feel them right near my left hip. So I’ve got a head pressing down on my pubic bone, hiccups in my hip, and a leg in my rib cage. Pregnancy is a strange business I tell you. Also odd: I (unbeknownst to me) was pretty much contracting the entire time I was in the hospital. They are (I assume it’s still going on) most likely Braxton-Hicks type contractions because I couldn’t really tell they were happening, but this is a sign that my cervix is preparing itself for labor. Which, did I mention? Could happen any time now. Wow. We could have a baby soon!

Moving on. I am still on bed rest (and I bet I will be until she comes out). Which means I can’t go shopping (kind of a bummer because I need to exchange a duplicate gift we received), or do any heavy housework. So my husband is cleaning our apartment today. Sounds wonderful, right? Not really. I have such a type A personality about how my shit gets cleaned that I have never really allowed him to clean our apartment before. We’ve been living together for 3+ years, and I’ve always cleaned the toilets, sinks, tubs, dishes, laundry etc. Does that make me a freak? Probably. So I’m sitting here blogging while he cleans everything and I’m trying really hard not to offer pointers about how to do it right, because that’s just bitchy. I’m insisting that I be allowed to do the laundry because it’s not that strenuous and because my nesting instinct has kicked in HARD and I can’t just sit here doing nothing. Later on I might send Jason to the store to get my special laundry soap so that I can wash all the baby clothes and diapers and start getting everything ready for my little bundle of joy (who, did I mention, could be here ANY MINUTE).

Finally, in really fun news, my awesome brother gave me a bunch of cash as a baby gift, so I ordered a bunch of stuff from my registry at Target today. Once I exchange that duplicate gift for the things I actually need, we are ready for the baby. Alllll ready! How exciting is that?