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Hi guys! I’m at the hospital! Hooray! As you might recall, when I went in for my biophysical profile (okay, technically the baby’s BPP) on Monday, my fluid was concerningly low. As ordered I went home and immediately started drinking water. I drank more water than you could possibly imagine, for 48 hours straight. I was also on strict bedrest, but like I told my mom, I should have been on strict toilet rest as I was peeing every 30 minutes. Even during the night. Not a whole lotta sleeping going on.

Fast forward to today. I went back for a biophysical profile. The baby is perfect. Her heartbeat is fabulous, she’s moving, hiccuping, practice breathing, and all of the other things she is supposed to be doing. My fluid? Exactly where it was 2 days ago. Which is borderline panic inducing (and labor inducing). So they called my midwife and, as promised, stuffed me in the hospital. I’m just chillin’, watching a Restaurant Impossible marathon on the food network (which is kick ass because we don’t have cable at home) and letting the fluids drip in. I had a few contractions a while back, but I didn’t know about it until the nurse told me (so they were probably just fakey mcgee Braxton-Hicks), and they have calmed down after a bolus of fluid.

Right now they don’t know how long I’ll be staying, or exactly what they’re going to do. If my amniotic fluid level drops lower and gets into the panic range, they will probably induce my labor and the baby will be early. Luckily, only a week and a bit early (technically) so hopefully she’d be okay (although she might have to be in the NICU for a bit) – obviously, this is not our favorite option. If the fluid level stays the same, they will probably keep me in the hospital and try to keep the baby inside me as long as possible, so as to avoid the above-mentioned early birth and complications. If my fluid miraculously and dramatically improves (which the doctors doubt, but the nurse was optimistic about (did I mention I like nurses way better than doctors?)), then they just might send me home and go back to BPPs twice or thrice weekly to make sure it stays that way and that the baby is fine.

Obviously my favorite option would be the one where my fluid levels go up and I get to go home. That way I could get my shit together. We are so not ready to bring a baby home right now. Her clothes and diapers still need to be washed, we need to install the carseat, I still need to exchange a duplicate gift for things that I need, etc. etc. We were supposed to have a few more weeks to get ready! Unfortunately, my gut is telling me that I’ll be here for a bit. And I think that the baby will be early. I don’t think (and I hope I’m right) that she will be premature, but I definitely don’t expect her to wait for her due date. Surprisingly, I am not freaking out. I feel confident that everything is going to be okay. Maybe I’m crazy, or maybe it’s my female intuition, but I’m remaining positive.