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The pregnancy saga continues. For the love. Did I mention I’m having weekly baby checks now? Well, I am. They’re called biophysical profiles, apparently. They hook you up to monitors that, well, monitor the baby’s heartbeat and movements. Then they do a  fairly low-tech sonogram to measure how things are going in there (heartbeats, movements, breathing, fluid levels). And my fluid was still low, in fact, even lower than it was last week. It was, in fact, low enough that PANIC ENSUED. Okay, not really. It was sortof pre-panic. It’s low enough that the doctor put me on bed rest, told me to drink at least a gallon of water a day, and I have to go back on Wednesday. If it’s still this low? I’ll be hospitalized on IV fluids until the baby is born (and I assume they’ll induce my labor whenever they feel like it and/or chop me open for a C-section, but that could just be the paranoia talking). Siiiiiigh. Seriously y’all, could I have some more complications please? The silver lining is that my mommy is coming to visit me this weekend whether I’m in the hospital or not. She’ll make me feel better.