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Sorry I didn’t post on time this week (because I know you were all desperately clamoring for a new post such that you spent the entire weekend wondering what happened to me), but we had a houseguest (Jason’s sister) this weekend and there wasn’t time. We had a lot of fun taking her to see our favorite band play. It was their first time in Vegas and we were so excited that they came. We had begun to think that the only way we’d ever see them again was to go to Cali, which we would gladly have done, but yay! They came here. Check their tour dates; if they ever come to your town do yourself a favor and GO SEE THEM. It won’t be expensive and you will not regret it, I promise. They’re amazing.

On to the pregnancy thing. Only 7 more weeks, yo. I’m getting a little nervous. And a little bigger. And a little more uncomfortable. And a little more tired. That whole pelvic pain thing just gets worse every day. And walking around makes me feel like an elephant. Except elephants are more graceful, I’m more like a bull in a china shop or something equally clumsy and destructive.  My Pregnancy Idiocy is getting worse too. Last Wednesday morning I woke up just before Jason left for work. As I stumbled around trying to wake up he said “it was getting a little warm in here so I decided to turn the oven off.” Huh? Yeah. I left the oven on ALL EFFING NIGHT. Sigh. Also, I officially have Fred Flintstone feet – fat and flat. It’s quite horrifying, really. I’m comforted by the fact that the same thing happened to my mom, and that hers returned to normal shortly after childbirth.  I am soooo ready for this baby to get here and to not be pregnant anymore.

In more exciting news, my cloth diapers showed up! Like I mentioned before, I’m very excited about them, and when I have more time and/or have started using them I will probably go on and on about them. All I will say now is that they are very cute and that they make me more excited about the baby getting here. Jason’s sister brought more donated stuff with her (seriously, does everyone but me have this many friends? I have none, so I guess everybody has more friends than me, but wow. If y’all have babies, make sure you either have friends to donate stuff to you, or that you have a kick ass sister-in-law like I do) so I now have a really nice breast pump and a bassinet for L to spend her first few weeks in. Now I just need her to get here. Have I mentioned I’m excited?