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I am 32 weeks pregnant. Do you know what this means? I am due in 8 weeks. Eight weeks people!  E I G HT!!!  That’s 2 months. Holy shit. When I found out I was pregnant I was about 5 weeks along and had 35 to go, which sounded like forever. I mean, that was way back before Christmas. And now here I am, right on the verge of delivery. It’s scary and wonderful at the same time. I’m so excited to see my little L and try to figure out who she looks like and who she acts like (and also to not be pregnant anymore), but sometimes at night I have those little niggling doubts about my ability to be a mother. What if I can’t breastfeed properly? What if my baby cries all of the time and hates me? What if my diaper changing abilites are subpar?  And why do these panic fests always happen at night while my husband is slumbering peacefully so I’m just lying there by myself NOT SLEEPING AT ALL? Oh well. Everything always looks brighter in the morning.

So this week my pelvis has started to ache. It hurts to sit, and unfortunately I’m scrambling to get done with my school before the baby gets here, so I’m sitting on my pelvis for roughly 6 hours a day. And then when I stand up it hurts. And when I wake up in the morning it hurts. And when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom it hurts. Achy pelvis, my least favorite pregnancy symptom. Well, maybe the barfing was worse, but it’s a hard choice. I’ve done all the googling etc. and apparently this is normal. My pubic symphysis is starting to loosen up (because of everybody’s favorite hormone, relaxin) so the ischia are all loosey goosey. This is a good thing, because in 2 months (ohmygod) a big ol’ baby head has to push through there. But for right now, the big ol’ baby head is sitting on the loosey goosey bones and making everything hurt. In case you were curious, and have never seen one before, here’s a helpful diagram of the pelvis:

Ye old pelvis.
photo courtesy of http://www.patient.co.uk

Anyway, I guess I should consider myself lucky because so far I don’t have any of the other usual 3rd trimester complaints like horrible heartburn and/or reflux, Braxton Hicks contractions, leaky boobs etc. So there, I’ve stopped complaining.

In other exciting news, I placed my first order for cloth diapers! I’m so excited about them. And sure, you’re probably thinking: A. Who the hell gets excited about diapers and B. What kind of dirty hippie uses CLOTH EFFING DIAPERS? I mean, they have disposable ones now.  Well, in answer to your questions, have you seen cloth diapers lately? They’re all fancy and new fangled and super cute, who wouldn’t get excited? As for the dirty hippie thing, I did live in Oregon for 10 years so…  but honestly, I’m doing it for the cost savings. Do you know how expensive diapers are? Shoot. You can do all kinds of searches for cost comparisons and find different numbers, but when I was looking into it I discovered that to disposie diaper a kid for 1 year it’ll cost between 800 and 1000 dollars, depending upon which kind of diaper you use and where you live etc. etc. Most kids don’t potty train until what, nearly 3? That’s almost 3,000 bucks! And, what if you have more than 1 kid (which we’re already considering)? With cloth diapers you have the choice of going cheap, or going expensive, but either way you’re still probably going to save money. I’m going with a mix of cheapo and expensive, because I want to try some different things to see what I like, but I still figure I’m going to end up spending around 600 bucks. Yes, total. And that’ll diaper my kid from start to finish. And most diapers are hardy enough that you can use them on more than 1 kid. That’s thousands of dollars saved! Thousands of dollars can be used for down payments on houses, or kids’ college funds, or vacations to TAHITI. I’m just sayin’. Yes, I forgot that you have to add in the cost of laundering the diapers, but really, you’re still saving tons of money. And that’s not even considering the health and environmental advantages to cloth diapering. But I’ll stop boring you. For now. I can’t promise that I won’t wax poetic over diapers again in the future, because I probably will. Especially when they arrive and I get to compare the different types that I’m getting. And after I start using them and figure out which ones I like and hate. So, yeah. Prepare yourself for more diatribes on cloth diapers. Probably with pictures! And links to my favorite ones! Lucky y’all!