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31 weeks. Which means I’m having a baby in 2 months. I guess I’m officially 7 months pregnant. Time goes by so quickly, it’s almost frightening. I’m finally getting sick of being pregnant. It’s hot, I’m starting to feel nauseous again, it hurts to do just about everything, I can’t even get off of the couch by myself, and as the baby grows larger I grow more uncomfortable. She has taken to pushing things (arms, legs, what have you) into bits of my belly for long periods of time and its kind of annoying because it hurts, and  because she usually chooses to do this just as I turn my light off and try to go to sleep. I miss sleep. I don’t do it well anymore. Baby marching on my insides, back hurting on my outside, peeing every 45-60 minutes – yeah, no sleep. Some people claim this is good practice for after the baby arrives. I want to beat those people about the neck and shoulders. Just shut up! That isn’t very comforting when I’m already freaked out about how I’m going to handle a baby. Also, the stretch marks have appeared. I already have stretch marks, because I’ve been fat before, but they’re little silvery ones that are only noticeable if you’re right up close (so basically I’m probably the only one who sees them) – these monsters that I spotted the other day? Wow. I thought they were bruises at first and I was all like what the hell did I do to bruise the underside of my belly?! Alas – not bruises. Oh well. I’m 35, it’s not like I had a lot of good years left on this body anyway, am I right? Cold comfort.

In other news, my sister-in-law who has already donated a fafillion things to this pregnancy (she apparently has a lot of friends, who have had a lot of girl babies and saved all of their stuff, that want to donate it all to me – a complete stranger) texted me that she now has a bassinet as well. And a breast pump (sorry if breast pumps make you uncomfortable, but I am pregnant after all, these things happen). This is on top of 4 enormous bags of clothes, an ergobaby carrier (for which I am thoroughly excited because I was going to buy either that or something similar and they are SPENDY), a baby bath tub, mountains of blankets… and a ton of other stuff that I’m forgetting all about. The point is, I don’t think we’re going to have to spend a whole lot of our own money on  baby L, and for that I am very grateful because we don’t have any money right now. I mean, things aren’t as dire as they once were (see many previous posts about money-panicked AJ), but still, baby stuff is expensive. So, thank you Universe (and Jason’s sister for having generous friends) for looking out for us. Someday it will be my turn to give back.