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So yeah. 29 weeks. I had an ultrasound this week. Apparently, my baby is big. And I have a whole lot of amniotic fluid. Like, on the high end of normal. Because what I really needed was for something else to freak me out. I’m just saying. Anyway, I’m doing away with the whole measurements and produce comparisons, because apparently my baby is so big that the doctor felt the need to compare  her to Godzilla. I’m pretty annoyed about it. In case you couldn’t tell. In better news, I also had a doctor appointment and I passed my glucose test. Though everyone was shocked about it at the ultrasound office because of my GIANT FREAKY BABY. Are you SURE you passed your glucose test? Do doctors not know that pregnant women are already freaked out about pretty much everything? Especially pregnant women who already had  abnormal bleeding, a short cervix, and a baby who is missing a hand? And then all he said after that was “it’s really nothing to worry about, but we’ll need to see you again in 6 months because there’s a slight danger of premature labor”. Yeah. Nothing to worry about. NOTHING.

I’m kind of in a bad mood about it. So I think I’m done with the blogging for this week.