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Firstly, the geek in me just has to say Happy Star Wars Day, May the fourth be with you. Secondly, tomorrow is my 35th birthday, and man does that sound old. Didn’t I just turn 30 yesterday? Time speeds up every year, I swear. This is sort of an epic year – well, mostly just the month of August – for my family, my mom turns 60, my little brother turns 30, and I’m having a baby. Yeehaw! Partay in Vegas! I really feel like we should be having a big party for both of them, but how’m I going to pull that off while being 9 months pregnant and/or giving birth? Hmmm..

Now for this week’s updates. The baby weighs in at roughly 1 & 2/3 pounds and measures around 14 inches. She is the size (according to the great produce comparison email) of an English hothouse cucumber (really? Is that the best you can do? I’m disappointed in that comparison) or a head of lettuce. That’s pretty big. My baby bump is growing nicely and I feel all waddley and awkward.

Apparently she’s at a fun, interactive stage where she can hear and react to sounds and light. My husband wants to play her some 80s rock music through the belly, I’m leaning more towards his gypsy jazz because I love it so much. Also, we can shine a flashlight at my belly to see if she moves toward or away from it, but doesn’t that seem kind of mean? Like teasing kitties with laser pointers, it’s funny but I always feel guilty. We’ll stick with the music.

She is now a full-on kicking and punching machine almost all day long and even wakes me up sometimes in the night. It’s pretty cool, though some of the thwaps are quite startling. The other day she did what I can only imagine as a Miss Piggy karate chop and scared the crap out of me. She also must be rolling around because occasionally it feels like every part of my insides is moving and being smashed at the same time. What a strange sensation this all is.

But what about me? I’m starving. And exhausted. Since I got home from Utah all I want to do is eat and sleep. I think maybe the baby is going through an enormous growth spurt and taking all of my food and energy. Makes sense, right? Please say it’s not just that I’m a lazy fat ass… please?  Right now I’m sitting here thinking that my apartment really needs cleaning and wondering how in the hell I’m going to accomplish it. And I just ate less than 30 minutes ago and my tummy is already rumbling. Plus I’m still retaining water, getting fatter, and peeing all the time. Pregnancy makes one feel so attractive.

We’ve pretty much settled on a name, which I really shouldn’t be mentioning because I’m not actually going to tell you what it is. I’m a little superstitious (for lack of a better word) about it. We’ve been wavering back and forth between a few, but while I was in Utah we all just sort of started calling her the one name that I like the best and I think it has stuck. I’ll let you know in 3 months what it is.

That’s about it. Tonight we have to go register at Target (I swore I was not going to do 2 registries, but Jason’s mom and sister are throwing us a second shower for his side of the family and their friends, and they all live in Bullhead City, AZ, where there is no Babies R Us, so in order to avoid getting a bunch more clothes and blankets (which we sooooo don’t need), we’re registering again!), then tomorrow, to celebrate my birthday, Jason and I are going to St. George to visit my parents and we’re all going to Zion National Park (or Zions, as it is affectionately miscalled by all Utahns, (man I miss Utah)). I’m very excited. I haven’t spent a birthday with my family since I went home for my 30th. Plus, Zion. I haven’t been since I was 21. It’s such a gorgeous, unreal place. If you’ve never been, go right now. And while you’re at it stop at Bryce and Arches too.