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The day after vacation is always a little weird. Getting back into your reality, catching up on stuff, doing laundry, etc etc. For me it’s always worse when I get back from Utah. I love Utah. I miss Utah. And it’s not just missing my family, because I see them much more often now. It’s a longing to be home. So strange. I know lots of people from lots of places and they never look back. Or maybe they do and they just don’t tell me. I could move back to Utah in a heartbeat, but it’s probably not in the cards for me for many reasons.  So this morning I’m sitting here in the quiet, by myself but for the 2 sleeping kitties, feeling the baby kicking and punching around down there in my belly and missing my mom, my siblings, my step-dad, the crazy dogs, the noise, but mostly missing Utah. We did lots of fun things and I got lots of fun baby stuff, all of which I will blog about later. For today, though, I’m just going to be a little melancholy in the silence of my apartment. And maybe do some laundry.