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I’m going to keep this short today as I am in Utah at my Mom’s where there is no internet, so I’m posting from my iPhone. I am 25 weeks along, nearly into the 3rd trimester! The baby is roughly 13.5 inches and is the size off an eggplant. Which explains why I can no longer bend over.

I had another ultrasound this week to check on my cervix; it’s still short enough to worry so I have another check scheduled in a few more weeks. Hopefully it’ll hold up and I won’t be put on bed rest, or have a way early baby.

I also had another doctor visit this week where I had to drink the fabulous orange liquid sugar drink and get my blood drawn to see if I have gestational diabetes. I haven’t heard from them, which usually means the results are good. My blood pressure is perfect and all else looks good as well despite my Advanced Maternal Age.

I’m getting more and more gigantic as each day passes, meaning it’s extremely difficult to move around. Especially trying to turn over in bed. And that plane ride was no picnic either. And she’s supposed to double in size again in the next 4 weeks, which means I will double in size! Holy Hannah.

Tomorrow is my shower! I’m very excited about baby gifts and seeing all of my relatives. More on that next week.