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I almost forgot to do this today, what with still being in a sick fog. Yes. Still. I’m feeling mostly better, just still have the lingering, annoying cough and stuffy ears. Man I hate viruses. Let’s figure out a way to kill them, shall we?

This week the baby is the size of a papaya. Hooray! We’re back to measurements I like! I kinda want to eat a papaya now. But only in Hawaii. I wonder if I’ll ever get to go to Hawaii again? Probably not. I’m about to have a kid. People with kids don’t go on exotic vacations, right? Maybe in 20 years.  Anyway – papaya baby has been fluttering up a storm. It’s quite cute, actually. I really am liking the kicking. Except it’s not really kicking yet. Maybe I’ll hate it when she really gets going.  Nothing much else to report this week as I was too sick to do anything or to crave anything or to really even get out of bed so that’s pretty boring. Um… sorry about it…  um… oh – my husband and I just watched that documentary about babies called Babies. It was pretty cute. And after it was over he turned to me and said “yeah, we can have as many as you want”. They showed a lot of babies doing cute stuff and not a lot of babies doing annoying stuff like screaming and crapping and getting sick and stuff. We’ll see what tune he’s singing in a year. Ha! Okay well. I guess that’s it for this week. I promise I’ll be back to my usual spunky self and all full of information next week. For really reals.