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Do not get a cold/the flu when you are pregnant. Really. If you have to walk around with one of those surgical masks over your face like people did during the SARS scare then by all means, DO IT. See, when you’re pregnant, your immune system sucks (there’s a fancy, scientific explanation for it, but I’m still half-dead and too tired to find it and/or quote it and/or link to it), so it’s easy for you to get sick and then hard for you to get over it. And, you can’t take NyQuil. A NyQuil-less illness is the worst kind of illness. It’s impossible to sleep when you can’t breathe and you’re coughing constantly. And then your spouse gets grumpy because he can’t sleep either because you’re coughing and wrestling around trying to get comfortable. AND THEN there’s the whole panicking about whether the 102 fever you just spiked is killing your baby. So you take Tylenol and cold showers, drink buckets of ice water and put cold compresses all over your body. Then call your doctor’s office in a panic. All whilst semi-hallucinating from the high fever. So yeah. My life has suuuucked for the past week.