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Today the baby is the length of either a banana or a carrot. I rather liked when the comparisons were to size, not length, as a plump, round, cantaloupe baby seems much more pleasant than a long, pointy, carrot baby – but whatevs. I guess they’re measuring from head to toe now. I had another ultrasound this week, this one just to check on my cervix. Way back in my first trimester, around week 11, I started bleeding and was terrified that I was having another miscarriage. They sent me for an ultrasound; the baby was fine, but the tech decided that my cervix might just be a little short (which meant the baby could fall out) so they sent me to the high-risk pregnancy doctor who laughed and said it was just fine, as it was this week, but I still have to go in for 2 more cervix checks before I give birth. I don’t really mind though, because it’s really fun to see the baby wiggling around on the ultrasound screen. Also this week my husband and I went to tour the labor and delivery department of the hospital where our little one will come into the world. I’m very glad we did, as I feel much better about the whole situation. When I lived in Portland and was planning a pregnancy I had planned to delivery at this really cool hospital that has a birthing center right in the middle of it complete with birthing tubs, birthing balls and rooming-in suites for baby-daddies and newborns. It was very mama and baby friendly, and supportive of breastfeeding and natural childbirth, which yes, I am planning to attempt (blame it on Ricki Lake, hers was one of the many books I read the first time I got knocked up, and it all seems to make a lot of sense to me). Then I had a miscarriage. Then we moved to Las Vegas. Then, before I had any chance to research my options here (and before we even had a chance to get health insurance) I got knocked up. Like, 2 weeks after we moved here. Yeah. So. I was not familiar with any local doctors, hospitals, options. I went to Planned Parenthood, who directed me to the Sunny Babies program, where they help people apply for Medicaid and/or give cash paying moms discounts because they want you to get the prenatal care that you need. Which is great. Unfortunately, I can only choose between 3 hospitals to deliver at. Only 1 of them has midwives, so I went with that one (even though it’s on the other side of the city). Since then I’ve been living in terror that they were going to force me to have a C-section, then whisk my baby away to bottle feed it and make it sleep in the nursery far away from me. Not so. The tour guide said that while they do epidurals 95% of the time, they will support you in natural childbirth should you choose to go that way. As soon as the baby is born they lay it on your chest and keep it with you for an hour before they take it away to weigh, measure and bathe it, because this is the critical, bonding/getting-to-know-you time for you and the baby. They also strongly encourage breastfeeding (yay), and really want the baby to stay with you in your room until you go home so that you and your baby-daddy can get accustomed to all of the little noises and habits and figure out what is and what isn’t normal. So, despite the fact that I am no longer in hippie dippie Oregon, things are going to be okay.

Wow. That was quite a rant, wasn’t it? Sorry about that. I’m not feeling quite myself today. Unfortunately somewhere between the hospital and home I have caught kind of a nasty cold that has settled right in my chest. I’m coughing and feverish, which of course is throwing me into a panic, what if the baby is getting cooked? AHHHH! I have been googling like mad to find out what I can and can’t do etc etc ETC. But I feel icky and gross and therefore The Pregnancy Idiocy is in full swing. Therefore I will leave this week’s update at baby = carrot banana and be done.