Last week Jason’s sister came to visit us and brought with her 3 large trash bags filled with wee baby clothes. She has a friend with a girl baby that is about 6 months old who upon hearing that I, a complete stranger to her, was having a girl baby, decided to give me all of her hand-me-downs. The generosity amazes me. Yes, my husband is her friend’s brother, so it’s not like she just gave them to a random stranger, but still. So many clothes! We will not have to buy any clothes for this baby for probably 6 months. Which is good, because we will be too busy selling plasma and various internal organs to afford all of the other necessary baby accoutrement (good GOD! So. Much. Stuff).  Here are some crappy photos taken in my poorly-lit living room especially for you to highlight some of the cuteness.

Yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full.

A plethora of pink. Which I didn't think I would like. Turns out, I do.

Monkey hat!

And monkey feet!

Duckies! Who knew duckies would be so cute?

With, of course, duckie feet. I love feet pajamas on babies.

And finally, the hippie onesies. Too bad we aren’t still living in Portland.

Green peace. Ha.

Far out, man.

Groovy baby.

I do hereby solemnly swear that when my girl baby outgrows all of this stuff, I will pay it forward.