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I should have been doing this throughout my pregnancy. Unfortunately, I spent a quarter of  that time throwing up, another quarter on the couch crying and panicking about money, an eighth of it eating, and the other 3/8ths (I think that’s how much is left, I used to be quite good with fractions, but now I have Pregnancy Idiocy, so who knows) in line at the welfare office. Or, as I like to call it, The Most Horrible Place on Earth. Seriously. Hours in line at a dirty, smelly, hot, airless office surrounded by toothless people who rarely bathe does nothing for your already fragile state of mind when you’re pregnant. All I could think was “I have an effing college degree, how did I end up here?” (which is an interesting story, but one for a different day).  One time I almost fainted in line and had to ask someone to save my place so I could sit down and fan myself.

Anyway, today, after rapidly cycling through the seven five  stages of grief, I am feeling much better. I have reached acceptance and I am moving forward with my life. Thus, the weekly updates on how the pregnancy is progressing.

Today, according to the 2 different email updates I signed up for, the baby is the size of either a bell pepper or a sweet potato. I choose sweet potato because they are delicious (not that I want to eat the baby!) and very pretty, and because bell peppers art mine enemy. She weighs roughly 8 ounces and is about 5 & 1/2 inches long.

I have definitely begun to look pregnant. I started to show faster than normal (read as skinny) women, because I am a fatty, and sort of looked pregnant even before I got knocked up. There is definitely a baby bump that I need to begin documenting. I don’t have my own camera and I am not fond of my husband’s, so I think that I’m going to ask my dad for a camera as his baby gift. He is an amateur photographer and therefore knowledgeable and enthusiastic about all things photo, so I’m sure he will agree to find and gift me one.

I am starving almost all of the time. I don’t have one specific pregnant food that I must have like a lot of women do, I seem to want different things every day, and it usually isn’t just a single food, it’s a whole meal. This week  I have been specifically craving:

1. Chicken marsala from The Spaghetti Factory. It comes with spaghetti and mizithra. I want it. Like, now. Alas, Las Vegas is bereft of spag facs. Had I known that, I might not have moved here. My apartment in Portland was 5 minutes from the nearest marsala. There is, however, one in Salt Lake. I may have to coerce my family into going there while I am at home for my baby shower. They have the best blue cheese dressing. How is that possible?

2. Some sort of fish dish from McGrath’s Fish House. Any fish really, I just want it. Especially if it comes with tartar sauce. Again, Las Vegas is bereft. After living in Portland for 10 years and having fresh fish pretty much whenever I wanted it, living landlocked in the middle of the desert again is proving a challenge. Smith’s (our grocery store) sometimes has “fresh” salmon – but how fresh is it really? In Portland the fisherman caught it and handed it off to the cook. Here? Not so much. How many trucks has it been on and how many days is it from there to here? Sigh. No McGrath’s anywhere. There are probably other alternatives (other than Long John Silver’s – ew). Perhaps when we aren’t broke (so, 20 years from now?) I can hunt one down. Until then, I’ll probably be having macaroni and cheese for dinner. Because that’s what broke-ass folks do on a Friday night.