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I’m back to being mostly okay today. Slightly angry, but at least not as sad (no uncontrollable, snotty sobbing). The anger thing made me wonder if I was suffering from the 7 stages of grief, so I looked them up. Turns out there are only 5 stages, which is interesting because if you google “7 stages of grief” that wikipedia page is like, second on the list, which means that everybody else thinks there are 7 stages too. Whatever. I’ll just invent my own stages. Or something.

Anyway, it looks like I could be going through the stages, only I’m doing it out of order (which is apparently normal, according to wikipedia). See, I started with depression. But I guess that’s not surprising, considering I start EVERYTHING with depression. It’s my natural reaction. How depressing. But I am feeling better. This little girl is going to be so loved (read as spoiled). She’s my first baby. She’s the first grandchild for both of my parents (aside from step-grandkids, and even one step-step-grandkid), so she will probably want for nothing. And although she is the second grandkid for my husband’s parents, she’s the first little girl. She may, in fact, be so spoiled as to be intolerable (see as example Veruca Salt), but oh well. Also, I’m looking forward to playing with Barbies again. And, because I never had one and always wanted one, she will have an Easy Bake Oven. Because who doesn’t love cookies baked under a lightbulb? Mmm… salmonella…

P.S. As an aside, I just googled Easy Bake Oven to find a picture, accidentally stumbled across a commercial and remembered why I never watch television, and why my child won’t be watching it either.