Would someone mind explaining to me why you can’t watch the Oscars live on the internet? I mean, c’mon. The official Oscars website streamed hours of red carpet coverage and backstage crap and after party footage – why not just stream the damn show? I could understand if it was on a cable channel that you were supposed to pay for, but it’s on ABC for crying out loud. Phooey! Anyway – we don’t have any television at all. We have A television, but it’s only useful for hooking up to DVD players or video game consoles. When the world went HD a few years ago we got an antenna thingie to make the tv work, but for some reason when we got here to Vegas it didn’t work anymore. I’m sure it was something about us not trying hard enough, but there you have it. No tv. Which is normally not a big deal, because I don’t watch television but hardly ever, but I’m one of those people who likes to watch the Oscars. I do, I admit it. I love celebrities and watching what crazy outfits they’re going to wear or what stupid things they’re going to say when they win. Oh well. Maybe next year.