I was reading someone’s blog (or facebook… or twitter… stupid social networking) the other day and she was annoyed with the Grammys because she hates The Beach Boys. I didn’t watch the Grammys, but I’m assuming The Beach Boys performed. Which begs the question, was it the real Beach Boys? Or the post-Wilson atrocity that Mike Love still calls the Beach Boys? Anyway, that’s beside the point. I was just astonished that someone would hate The Beach boys. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinion (even if it’s wrong), but man. Brian Wilson. What a genius. She needs to go buy and listen to Pet Sounds immediately. Or the Brian Wilson release of Smile, the way he had originally wanted it to be before his band mates crapped all over it. She probably only knows Barbara Ann and Little Deuce Coupe. Right?  I mean, listen to this and try to hate:

I’m just sayin’

2/22/12 update: I finally got around to finding and watching the footage from the grammys and apparently it was the real Beach Boys. well, as close as you can get what with half of them being dead and all. Man I love Brian Wilson.