Wow. Did y’all know you could post from your iPhone? Me neither. Tres convenient, non? Except for the whole typing with your thumbs thing, but whatevs, I’m giving it a try. Did I mention that I’m pregnant? I thought not, but there it is. Ta da! I haven’t told everyone yet so perhaps mentioning it on my blog is idiotic, but whattaya gonna do? Nobody reads the thing anyway. I’m almost 7 weeks along and what that means is that I pretty much always feel like I’m going to barf. All. Day. Long. Morning sickness my ass. Seriously. I’ve read that it means your pregnancy is healthy and yay for that but goddamn I want to shower without gagging. I’m not working right now so I’ve just been laying around a lot, how do people make it through jobs and driving and grocery shopping while feeling this way? This weekend I’m driving to my dad’s to spend Christmas Eve, and then my brothers and mom are coming here on Christmas day, which will be fun if I can hold it together long enough to cook a meal and carry on conversation. Wish me luck. In other news, first day of winter in Las Vegas = sunny with a high of 57. Nice.