Yes, yes. It’s been 2 months since my last confession post, but really, I’ve been quite busy. I probably should have written a hilarious recap of the adventure that was moving to Las Vegas, but we’ve been here for over a month now and I’m not sure I want to. Okay, FINE. I’ll do it. Me + 2 cats + their litter box + their food and water in the Hyundai hatchback = wow. It took 2 days (only 2?), we left Friday, slept that night in our cars (yes, cars, it was a caravan: brother and dog in his truck/trailer, husband in his Honda, me in aforementioned kitty Hyundai nightmare) at a truckstop in Reno (and by slept I mean took a break from driving until the sun came back up because there was no sleeping involved – who can sleep in a tiny car with 2 cats roaming around and various trucks zooming by?), then made it to Vegas the next afternoon (Saturday). Our apartment was supposed to be ready, even though it was a few days before the first (we had called in advance and asked if we could show up early, to which the woman replied yes! of course it’ll be ready! come on over!), but it wasn’t actually ready. If I could describe the horror we felt upon discovering how filthily revolting the place was I would, but it’s something that can’t quite be put into words. The washer and dryer were missing (luckily this meant they were giving us new ones) as was the refrigerator (not so lucky, we received one that was clearly used and smelled like cigarette smoke for the first week or so),  the toilet was filled with brown, mucky water and missing a seat and lid, the carpet was so dirty it was as though there hadn’t been a roof over it – seriously, dirt and leaves everywhere. Also there were various, giant stains on countertops and piles of dirt on floors. We vacuumed the carpet and slept there that night, we were planning on cleaning the place ourselves the next day and then clearing out for a few hours on Monday while the maintenance guys replaced the appliances. I know what you’re thinking, how could I stay in a place like that, right? But at this point I so tired it was too hard to contemplate anything else. Plus the thought of putting the kitties back in the car…  not happening. Upon waking the next morning I decided I was not responsible for cleaning somebody else’s disgusting mess, so we told the apartment manager we’d be back on the first, shoved people and animals back into cars and went to St. George, UT to stay with my dad for a few days. When we got back the place was clean, the managers and maintenance people properly apologetic and sheepish. That was a month ago and things are mostly lovely now. We’ve got driver’s licenses, registered cars, library cards and rewards cards for the local stores. The husband has both a day job and various extracurricular gigs lined up. What about me? Why am I not working? Well, funny you should ask.  I’m in school to become a medical transcriptionist. The program is fully online (the only drawback being that we’re trying to save money so we don’t have internet at home, meaning I spend most days at the library, which is fine unless the internet is spotty and/or the crazy, smelly people are out in droves), go-at-my-own-pace and I’m very nearly halfway done. My reasoning? I want to have babies (and might be, sooner than I thought – more on that later. Nope. Don’t ask).  Most MTs work from home, an ideal situation for someone who has neither the money nor the inclination to send my kids off to daycare. So. There you have it. The update. Here we are. And it’s lovely. Lovely and sunny. And it was warm up until December 1st (almost like mother nature suddenly thought, oh crap, it’s December, durr, gotta make it cold). Seriously. It was in the low 70s/high 60s throughout November. And really, comparatively speaking it’s not even that cold now. The best part? IT NEVER RAINS. I’m in heaven.