You guys, we got an apartment! In Vegas! It’s at a complex called Sunrise Springs (doesn’t that sound enticing? So much better than Courtside which is where I live now (named for the large, tennis court situated next door – boring)) and it’s in the area of Vegas known as Paradise, (that definitely sounds enticing) which is where the strip is too (I think). Don’t worry though. We won’t be living on the strip. There is, however, a casino right across the street. Not kidding. Right across the street. Hopefully their buffet is delightful. Anyway, the point is, we’re actually moving. It’s all slowly coming together and starting to sink in. November 1st is our move-in date, Paradise here we come. Hopefully soon after that I’ll have a job. I’m starting to get a little worried. In fact, I’m not sleeping so well at night. And I’ve lost my appetite (which doesn’t bother me at all, in fact, if I could lose it long enough to drop 50lbs that would be great). But I’m excited too, to be leaving everything behind and starting over. It’s a really good feeling. This whole post sounds like a run-on sentence, I apologize – it’s erratic and put together poorly – much like my brain of late, but I haven’t written for a while and just wanted to pop-in and say “hey, we’re actually moving”. I’ll write again soon – a better post (not just a bunch of links posted on the page).  Do you think it’s dangerous to post exactly where I live? You guys aren’t going to hunt me down and egg my car, right?