Y’all, bunches of exciting stuff happening around here! Okay, maybe it’s just one exciting thing (us preparing for a big move), but still. We’re mooooooving (jazz hands)! For reals. It’s exciting. I gave notice. NOTICE. At work. I have wanted to leave for so long (for various reasons) and finally I got to say “yo, I’m leaving”. It was a stressful but blissful week. Yes, it took a week. I told my boss. Then I had to tell my other boss (my boss’s boss). They wanted to keep it on the DL until they told their boss. Then they told their boss. And asked him to keep it on the DL until we had a chance to tell everyone else (you think I’m kidding, but I’m not). But he didn’t really keep his trap shut so people kept sidling over to my desk to see if the rumors were true. So I just up and told all of my co-workers. Then on Friday we all discussed it at our weekly staff meeting. As a side note, the whole secrecy thing was not my idea. As far as I was concerned, once I gave notice, I gave notice – ya know? The toothpaste was out of the tube and it wasn’t going back in, but whatever. Business politics. Boo. So yeah, I gave notice. Did I mention I gave notice? They’re going to replace me with two people – yes, they have finally figured out that one person can’t do my job. I’ve known that for years. But anyway, roughly 6 more weeks of work here, and I’m out.

This past weekend we had a yard sale. There’s so much stuff I just don’t want to move with. It’s a long drive. And we have two cars. And two cats. So, yeah. The less furniture we move the better. And old clothes that are a size 6. Oh man, I used to be skinny. Really. Size 6. That’s little. Siiiiigh. But, since I’d like to be in the family way again soon, there’s little chance I’ll fit into those clothes any time soon ever. So why lug them all the way to Vegas? And books. And CDs. We sold a bunch of crap and made 325 dollars (jazz hands)! I was slightly amazed. Really. People bought my junk and now I have 325 bucks to add to my moving fund. Awesome. And then I got a little sad. It might be one of the last times I get to hang out with my brother and sister all day long before moving far away from both of them. My little bro is moving back to Utah, so he’ll be closer than Portland, but still. I have 3 siblings and rarely are we ever in the same place at the same time. It was close having 3 of us in the same city, now all of us will be in different places, how the hell are we going to pull it off? So, moving. It’s bittersweet. That’s the lesson.

And then my husband got a job (jazz hands)! In Vegas! Already! I’m so happy. One of us with a job is so much better than neither of us with a job. Apparently the dude who used to be the boss of the guitar store here in Portland where Jason worked is now the boss at a different guitar store in Vegas. And he would be happy to have Jason fill out all of the new hire paperwork and email it back so that he can start immediately upon our arrival in Sin City. What a relief.