It’s funny that at the beginning of this year I really thought I could make and follow through with a goal to blog every day. EVERY EFFING DAY. Because now I’m sitting here at the end of June thinking “what the hell could I write about today, it’s been a while, so I should write SOME thing” – and you know what? There’s nothing. I’m on the couch, goofing on the internet, biding my time until So You Think You Can Dance comes on (who’s your favorite? I’m kind of partial to Melanie and Rian. I don’t really watch the boys when they’re dancing, in my opinion they’re just there for the lifts). I’ll probably do a couple of crossword puzzles since there’s 2 & 1/2 hours to while away. Lenny is sitting on the arm of the couch right next to me, desperately trying (and failing) to keep his eyes open. I’ve lost 5 pounds. My fingernails are painted blue. See? How boring was all of that information? You’re probably sleeping at this point, or clicking over to some other blog – I would be.