I’m finally feeling better y’all. It’s amazing the difference my little pills can make – judge me if you will, but honestly? I can’t feel this way on my own. I had forgotten what it was like to be the regular me – you know, me-with-no-drugs, and wow, I lived like that for so much of my life. No wonder I think back on my twenties with nothing but horror. The past few months were the worst kind of struggle – it’s difficult to even get out of bed in the morning and then you have to pick out clothes to wear and try to make it through an entire day of work without breaking down in the bathroom. But, the point, my friends, is that the new and improved me is back – the me-with-happy-pills and I just want to say, if I ever think of going off of the meds again please come to my house and do this. Why would I think that? Because that’s what us morons with mental illnesses do, we start taking our medication, it makes us feel so fucking fantastic that we forget it’s the meds and not us and we think “I feel fucking FANTASTIC! I don’t need medication!”

Anyway – I feel better. Except I’ve somehow strained every muscle that attaches my neck to my back and I can’t move my head at all or it hurts. Am I just really old? I mean, it happened in my sleep – maybe I was battling the forces of evil in my dreams? Or maybe my bed is just old and crappy, and my pillow is probably bottom of the line. Anyway – I look like I’m doing the robot, wish you could see it.

So what has happened in the last few weeks while I’ve been laying low waiting for the drugs to kick in… oh right, I cut all of my hair off, got a whole new wardrobe, watched every James Bond movie ever made, got sucked into this season of So You Think You Can Dance… oh! And I (finally) officially changed my name, Anjeanette A. Carter at your service.

So that’s it, my re-entry into blogging. Nothing to write that’s mind altering or earth shattering, just “hey, it’s great to feel like Anjeanette again!” – I promise in my next post I won’t talk about depression or medication. I’ll think of something really witty and interesting. Or just mildly entertaining. Or really lame and boring, but at least about something different.