I have absolutely no motivation to blog, which isn’t surprising considering I have absolutely no motivation to do anything else either (except, apparently, to eat candy and loathe myself. oh, and laugh my ASS off at this website. If you’re bored, sad, lonely, or just need a good laugh, trust me, it’ll do the trick), yes, I know, you’re probably sick of hearing about my general malaise – believe me, I’m tired of it too (and at least you have the option of just quitting my blog –  me? I’m stuck in this nightmare), but I’m choosing to believe the theory that writing is therapeutic and am therefore forcing myself to do it. Was that the world’s longest run-on sentence or what?  Geesh!  And are y’all familiar with my parentheses problem? Or was that on a different blog? Just in case, let me inform you, I have a bit of a parentheses problem, for which I should probably seek professional help. I’ve gotten a little better, I used to sometimes put parentheses in parentheses – i.e. here’s a sentence (that requires some parentheses (but then I remembered something else that also necessesitates the use of parentheses so I added this other set), here I am back to the original parenthethical thought) and back to the sentence. See what I mean by nightmare?

The sun is shining today, and the birds are chirping. Thanks guys, but it’s too little too late. Really. This morning when I left for work there was  F R O S T  on my car. It’s April 19th, mother nature, I think scraping off my windows and wearing a scarf is just a little extreme. Plus, I know it’s probably just going to rain and/or hail tonight and/or tomorrow anyway, so I’m refusing to get my hopes up. The good news is that I have a tiny sliver of what might be considered happiness blossoming in my putrid heart – just having that doctor’s appointment and knowing that I might feel better soon is making me feel better. Make sense? Whatever. Oh, and I’m going on a short vacation in a week – although I might be a little more on edge when I get back as I’m going home to spend time with my family. Don’t get me wrong, it should be fun, but a little bit crazy. Me and my brother will be staying at my mom’s house, where there is no guest room. I guess that means we’ll both be in the living room, one of us on the couch and the other on a cot. My brother’s dog will also be there and I assume he will also be sleeping on the cot. And I’m not sure, but my parents’ giant poodle might also be joining us. He usually sleeps with the ‘rents, but you never know with poodles, they’re party animals – he might want in on the action. Even if he doesn’t sleep with us, the dogs will spend the entire vacation chasing either other and barking, which gives me anxiety. Also, the house my mom and stepdad live in is under construction. In fact, every house they’ve ever lived in has been under construction. My stepdad does construction/remodeling for a living, and he’s really good at it, but somehow he never gets around to finishing their house (the last time I was there, there was a giant hole in the basement (long story, previous occupant may have been using it to bury bodies), a bunch of junk all over the porch (which makes it pretty hard to get in the house) and none of the cupboard doors were attached to the cupboards (which, if you’re in a hurry could be considered an advantage, way easier to get stuff out of the cupboards if you don’t have to open doors)) which sort of makes my mom homicidal, so yeah. Let’s hope I get my prescription filled before I get on the airplane. (p.s. – mom? I love you. Please don’t kill Paul. Or me for talking about your house on my blog. xoxo)