…I’m posting a post. She is apparently bored and doesn’t want to study. So here I am, enabling her to be a terrible student. At this rate she’ll never be Grissom, but I’m neither her mother nor her lover, so what do I care?  She wants me to write about work (which could be part of her evil plot to get me fired) and the troll who is currently making her life hell, but I vowed never to write about work again, so I’m not going to. I did forget to mention some stuff and things when I was blogging the other day, so I’ll take this opportunity. If I did indeed mention any of these things already, blame the Pregnancy Forgetfulness, and forgive me. Ah, as an update, Ray Ray has informed me that she isn’t studying for her Grissom classes, she is studying for her pharmacy technician license. As someone who has one of those, and who studied for a mere 15 minutes the night before taking the test, I feel a lot less guilty about distracting her. So. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah. My grandmother. I’ve mentioned her before, she just had her 77th birthday – FUCK YEAH! After I called my mom to inform her of the blastocyst implanting in my uterus, I got ready and drove to work. I then texted and requested that she (my mother, not the blastocyst) not tell Grandma, because I’m going to be there in 3 weeks and it’ll be fun to tell her in person. Her reply? Too late, I already told her, she’s crocheting a baby afghan as we speak. This little one is going to be Grandma’s very first great grandchild – how cool is that? Also, there’s this really awesome thing that happens when you get pregnant. Any woman who has been pregnant is super excited about it and happy for you, and they’re all so effing generous! Jason’s sister Stephanie is sending him home with a combination stroller/car seat contraption, a pack and play and a baby backpack.  A friend at work who just had a baby a year ago offered to lend me some maternity clothes if they fit. And I’ve only told a few people so far. What will happen when I tell the world?