Sorry about the cryptic silence all weekend. It was a weird weekend, some ups, some downs, some all arounds. Jason had a happy birthday, but he got a little… philosophical (read as weird – but don’t tell him I said so) as we all are wont to do on our birthdays – here we are, getting older, wondering where we’re going etc, but we also had lots of fun. I was going to write this last night, but the internet was just not cooperating around here, so hey, I can’t sleep much past 5:14 anyway (and usually it’s 4:30, so I’ll take it) so here I am. Unfortunately, I’m not ready to talk about anything yet, but rest assured that I shall (I will say that I’ve spent more money on pregnancy tests than I wanted to – $13.00 to be exact. So much for being cheap). For right now, we’ve actually had a few almost warm days with relatively little rain and that, my friends, means that it’s almost spring in Portland. Okay, this IS spring in Portland, but it will hopefully get warmer and more delightful. There are birds chirping outside and the sun isn’t even up yet. I might run out there and hug them. (did you see how I changed the subject there?)