Today was part two of my adventures in research studies. Luckily the folks involved are very kind, otherwise I probably would have gouged their eyes out. *warning: this post contains icky details about a research study involving my private bits, so read at your own risk* Have you ever had needles poked up inside your bathroom areas? Didn’t think so. Today I had an ultrasound probe, a doctor’s fingers (who chooses to do this for a living?), and a NEEDLE inside my hoohaw and That Other Hole (you know, the back door). Needle. Jabbed into a muscle. Up inside. AND they did some small electrical shocks in both places too because they’re testing nerves.  ZING!! The bad news is that I have to go through the whole thing two more times. But, not until after giving birth so I’ll worry about it then. It was actually pretty interesting, but I’m a freak of nature who probably should have gone to medical school. Alas, I was lazy in high school and always thought I was dumb until I got out into the world and realized how dumb everybody else is, including a lot of people that I took pre-med classes with in college (I was toying with the idea of pharmacy school for a while, same classes). There was also a catheter involved, just for a minute, and all I have to say about that is NO THANK YOU. Yowza. I guess I should get used to things being poked into uncomfortable places; pregnancy and childbirth are probably going to involve all sorts of painful things happening down there, right? Poking, prodding, stuff going in, biiiiiig stuff coming out. Anyhoo – I got to leave work an hour early to go hang out at the house of pain, but I guess trading an hour of work for an hour of anal needling (I warned you!) isn’t exactly a win.

Let’s talk about something a little more pleasant. For those of you keeping track, Flo has yet to make an appearance, so there’s still a chance I’ve a bun in the oven. And I’ve been feeling slightly nauseous the last couple of days. No vomiting, just a little queasy. WOO! I never thought I’d be excited about nausea. I can probably take a test in the next few days and find out if I’m getting a young ‘un for Christmas. Aren’t you EXCITED??!! I know I’m not supposed to go blabbing to everyone until I’m past the first trimester and out of the miscarriage danger zone, but how the hell am I going to keep that a secret? Especially since I’ve been blabbering about it for months. I guess I can tell my immediate family and my blog, right? Oh and the kitties, they’ll probably be the first to know because they’ll be here when I piss on the little stick. I’ll keep it mum from all the co-workers, aunts, uncles, cousins, step grandmothers, nosy neighbors (he never stops talking. or smoking.), facebook friends…  I think I’m going to do it Saturday morning before Jason wakes up – don’t tell him. His birthday is Sunday, but we’re celebrating on Saturday, so it’ll be a present. Unless of course it’s negative. In which case I won’t mention it until after we’ve had cheeseburgers and cake.