Have you ever had an MRI? Eff water boarding man, that’s the way to torture people. I mean, worse things have happened to me and I didn’t freak out or anything. All I’m saying is that if I had to lay in that tiny, suffocating tube with that pulsating, video game noise indefinitely, not knowing when or even if they would pull me out? I’d give you any information you were after.  I had a moment of panic where I almost squeezed the little “get me out of here” button and screamed, but I closed my eyes and it passed. Nothing is wrong with me (because you were wondering) it’s just part of the study I’m participating in. They were looking at my pelvic floor muscles, which meant they had to put a bunch of ultrasound gel up inside my hoo haw. Which is messy. Which meant I had to wear an adult diaper.  The only way to describe that sensation? Ew.