In an effort to both save money and eat more healthily (eat healthier? eat healthy? stupid English language) I’m trying to cook more often. I can cook, I’ve done it a lot, I’ve just been mostly too lazy for a while. And I live 90 seconds from a Taco Bell. I blame my weight problem on them – because I’m an American, see. Never take responsibility for your problems, blame them on somebody else. Moving on. I sort of taught myself how to cook when I was a teenager. My mom cooked dinner pretty much every night when she and dad were still married, but after that things went a little south. I love my dad, but cooking is not his forte. We had Hamburger Helper and dried out baked chicken a lot. Luckily, pizza Fridays made up for it. So one day I just thought “huh, I bet I could make something for dinner” and I found a recipe for apricot chicken. And made it. It was all right, I think. Tonight I am making skillet chicken and rice. It’s a recipe from the Campbell’s cream o’chicken label, I’ve made it many times and it’s super easy, but oddly enough it’s pretty tasty. Something about creamy, chickeny stuff is comfort food to me. I’m using peas instead of broccoli, because that’s what I have.  Anybody want to come over for dinner?