Jason is convinced that I’m already pregnant. As I have yet to ovulate since removing the IUD, I’m pretty sure I’m not, but it is quite amusing the way he keeps saying “oh, you’re pregnant, I’ve got powerful swimmers.” Now, I know he’s mostly joking, but isn’t there a little bit of that in every man? That tendency to think everything about them is super-humanly strong – better and faster than everyone else?  Women don’t share this trait, most women I know tend to go on and on about how much they suck, how ugly and fat they are, what’s wrong with their faces and their horrible personalities etc, but men? They usually don’t have that problem. Anyway, not pregnant yet I’m sure, but I know this month’s window is coming up, so if we keep, er, practicing, something good might come of it.  I’m not officially keeping track of my cycle as of yet, I’m hoping to just get knocked up without going through all of that hoopla, but since I’ve been menstruating (man I hate that word, it totally takes me straight back to junior high and those hideous maturation clinics they forced us to sit through) for roughly 21 years now (holy shit!) I have a general idea when things are happening.  Which is good, because I can’t be pregnant before Thursday, but after Thursday it’s totally fine. Scratching your head? I’ve decided to participate in a research study at OHSU, and I have to get an MRI on Thursday. They give you a pregnancy test beforehand and if you’re pregnant, you can’t get the MRI and are therefore ineligible for the study. I don’t know what kind of confidentiality is involved with research studies so I’ll spare you all of the details, but they were looking for women who have never had a child before and are planning to in the next year. I get some tests done now, and some more after giving birth, and then they give me $710. That isn’t a gigantic sum of money, but I have a feeling it’ll come in handy when they hand me that check 6 months after the baby arrives and we’re knee deep in onesies, diapers and bills. If I do happen to be one of those freakishly lucky people who gets pregnant the first month they’re trying, Baby Carter will be born this year! In December, which sucks because their birthday will always be overshadowed by Christmas, but would be handy for mommy and daddy because of the tax refund. WINNING!