Today I called my father on the phone to tell him that Jason and I are trying to conceive. I happen to know that he was already privy to this information because my sister, who went to visit him just last weekend, let it slip. She thought I had already told everyone, and just happened to mention it in conversation – whoops. It’s not like I was trying to keep it a secret from Dear Old Dad – after all, we’ve spilled the beans to pretty much everyone else, it’s just that he and I don’t talk often enough. We’re both horrible about calling, and he’s not a texter like my mom. I didn’t bother prefacing the announcement with “I know you already know this…” because, who cares? Better to pretend that I don’t know that he knows – why? Family dynamics are complicated. Like the good little secret keeper that he is, he feigned surprise, not wanting me to know that he already knew. The excitement, however, was genuine. He immediately started calculating when I would give birth if I got knocked up this month – which is possible but not probable (unless, of course, I have the Mormon pioneer fertility of my mother and aunt. I believe I’ve mentioned the genetic trait of having two babies in two years?  They both used to joke that all they had to do was wash their underwear with their husbands’ and they’d be on the nest), and how often they’ll be able to see us once the baby comes. So, soon-to-be (fingers crossed) Grandpa Dave is just as excited as my mom is (who, by the way,  texted me yesterday to ask if I was pregnant yet and to inform me that she has already made a quilt for the baby), which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Both of my parents technically have grandchildren already because my step-siblings have procreated (and/or married someone who already had a kid – does that make it a step-step-grandchild? See what happens when you divorce?), but I know they’re both itching for a biological grandbaby to spoil rotten. My dad and stepmom are photographers – they don’t do it professionally (though they could and should), but are good enough that all of my cousins (and me, of course) called on them to shoot their engagement and wedding photos. He does most of the photography, she is the assistant who poses everyone and tells us what faces to pull, and will often dream the perfect photo the night before a shoot.  She also puts together slide shows and photo albums. What does all of this mean for me (and why the hell am I telling you)? They apparently do a photo album spectacular for all of the grandkids, complete with pregnant, ginormous belly pics and yearly updates of growing kid. Meaning – as my father put it, this FORCES HIS HAND and now he will have to come to Portland if for no other reason than the photo op. Baby Carter is already bringing us closer together.

In other news, my Dave Ramsey approved, money misering ways have convinced me that I am going to try to go through this whole baby thing as cheaply as possible. I checked out a book at the library yesterday called The Eco-nomical Baby Guide. It’s written for  eco-conscious, cheap skate moms, because eco-friendly often means pocket friendly too (buying things used or getting them from friends, using cloth diapers instead of disposables, boob feeding versus bottle feeding – all of which I plan to do). So, for a fun project I’m going to keep track of every cent I spend (and how much I save) and see how little I can shell out, and obviously share it with y’all on my blog. Here’s my spending so far:
$1.95 on a book, Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana – what to name your baby now, found used at Powell’s.
$7.98 on two books, 1000 Questions About Your Pregnancy and The Girlfriend’s Guide To Pregnancy, both found used at Goodwill.
The other five books I’m reading about all things pregnancy, conception and baby related (and the three I already finished) I checked out of the library. The only ones I’m buying are ones I think I will read more than once, and ones that I find heavily discounted. Have I mentioned that I like books?